Patanjali Stone Sculpture

mogulinterior Maharishi Patanjali Black stone Statue with Serpent 8 Inch from India.Patanjali in meditation with four arms and his lower portion as the Ananta Sesa Cobra,representing the original source of all teachers & gurus.A Discus and Conch, while his front hands are in the Namaste or prayer postion, the Anjali Mudra.These Indian stone art statues by the Indian craftsmen are suitable for decorative purpose as well as unique Indian gifts. Simply dust the piece as needed.If you really want it to shine you can use a cotton cloth to buff the smooth surfaces which really makes it glisten.
   Beautiful Stone Carving Yoga Guru Patanjali Statue 

Maharishi Yoga Guru Patanjali Statue 8  
Hand Carved Yoga Guru Patanjali Stone Statue 8 inch 
Maharishi Yoga Guru Patanjali with Five Hooded Cobra Statue 
Yoga Guru Patanjali Black Stone Sculpture with 5 Headed Serpent 

Patanjali Sculpture Hand Carved Black Stone Statue 
Patanjali Hand Carved Black Stone Sculpture 
Yoga Guru Patanjali Gorara Stone Statue Meditation Idol